Case Studies

Containerization of monolithic FinTech App and Deployment on Red Hat Enterprise OpenShift Platform

The monolithic FinTech Application was converted into micro-services and deployed on Red Hat Enterprise OpenShift 4.2 container platform on AWS Cloud. The deployment was designed to meet data storage compliance requirements, application high availability and APIs scalability. The Red Hat 3scale API Gateway is primarily used to manage the API requests.

Centralised Monitoring & Alerting of Multiple Sites

Using ELK logs and metrics collected from Azure WebApps and 10+ Hadoop on-perm sites were collected and stored on ELK & Cortex running on Azure Cloud. Prometheus was used to collect and send the metrics-based alerts and other hand, ELK was used to generate logs-based alerts.

Secure Azure AKS Deployment

Designed and implemented AKS Deployment architecture which was approved by a third-party security architecture team. The AKS Cluster is only accessible from on perm datacenter and selected Azure Vnets. The applications were deployed using Ansible and Helm charts.

Hortonworks Hadoop Cluster Automation with Security

Automating Hortonworks Hadoop cluster deployment using Python & Chef framework. The deployment supported
– Integration with Apache Knox which is a gateway security tool that provides perimeter security for the Hortonworks Distribution (HDP) of Hadoop services.
– Kerberos authentication with MIT Kerberos and one-way trust with Azure AD
– HighAvailibilty of MIT Kerberos
– HighAvailibilty of Ranger for RBAC and auditing
– HDFS Encryption.

Vmware VMs Migration

Python-based framework Designed & implemented using Vmware SDK based framework to discover VMs, next transform VMs image using qemu-img and other tools and finally import and run VMs on OpenStack Cloud.

Managed Services (24*7)

20+ Node OpenStack OpenStack Mitaka/Juno Cloud deployment and management

50+ Node RHEL, Openshift 3.11 /4.2 Cluster management

10+ Hadoop clusters and Azure DataBricks management

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